Special Effects

I've provided special effects and make-up for various amateur films over the years, I've also done the odd thing purely for fun. I'll keep adding to this section as I manage to upload more video etc. If you're interested in using me for a project, fee free to drop me a line.


This was done for a friend's Halloween celebrations, the basic design is kicking about all over the internet, it has a pretty obvious Hellraiser vibe. I reverse engineered the method from researching various photos / videos of this effect in action, what you see below is my first attempt. The video is 2 hours condensed into 2 minutes.


My brother wanted one of the above done for his Halloween party a few days later, unfortunately things went a bit tits up. Rather than leave him empty handed, I improvised the below on the spot (never short of art supplies in this house, the odd pencil won't go amiss). I was pretty happy with it, though I only had access to pretty ropey looking fake blood, which is a shame. 

I am in the process of harvesting loads of old media from various SFX projects, it'll all go up here as soon as it's ready!