About Me

Not pictured: Common sense.

My Name is Richard, I sometimes go by Springheeled Jackson. I live in Cambridge and I'm 29 years old.

I'm a self taught illustrator and painter that likes customising shoes for fun and money. Over the years I've dabbled in film making, animation and special effects. Recently I've had a few paid gigs doing graphic design work, now I've sold some shoes as well I guess that means I've got a vague claim to being a professional.

I once provided a cover illustration and a three panel cartoon for Anglia Ruskin University's APEX newspaper, so you could say I've been published. They stopped returning my emails after that though, gits.

I also like to read comics. 

A lot.

I suspect that goes without saying.

My real job is working in the student services department of a language school. It doesn't involve painting on shoes in any way whatsoever, but is jolly good fun and everyone there is lovely.