Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's an 8-bit pixel hit.

           As I mentioned in my last post, I was getting a pair of Zelda themed shoes ready to go, well here they are:
Have a scroll down to check out the photoshop version, I reckon I got these pretty close. I toned the colours down to give it a bit of an earthier feel whilst maintaining that slightly bile tinged NES look. Also, the triforce has a gold tint, you know, like this bad boy:
Not pictured: Flavor Flav.
To finish off, something utterly unrelated to shoes, a reworking of John Carpenter's The Thing starring the cast of Pingu. Seriously:

Thanks to Tom K for bringing that to my attention and also Martin Read, the man who ordered the Link shoes in the first place for the title of this blog.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


           Well, that's Christmas and New Year done with, I've had enough booze and pies over the last three weeks to keep George Best busy for an afternoon. Ugh.

I had a go at painting on canvas this Christmas, as gift to the mighty Nick Skews (voice of 'Man at Work'). I went up for an image of Brock Samson, from The Venture Brothers.

I'm going to start doing paintings such as these more regularly, If you'd like something for your living room wall, let me know.
Anyways, in shoe news, I designed these on spec for a friend and they seem to have piqued the interested of a few others:

Off the back this I reckon some more 8bit gaming stuff is in the pipeline. Also, I picked up a pair of black trainers this week for my very own feet, but I don't know whether t keep 'em or flog 'em. Hmn.

As part of my holiday entertainment, I had a go at sketching the current Doctor in Doctor Who: Matt Smith. (His name is 'The Doctor', by the way, not 'Doctor Who'. Peasants).

Here's my first sketch:

I was originally going to paint this right onto an A4 canvas and try to flog it, but my desire not to mess up the carpet again caused me to do a swanky computerised version first:

Here's how it'll look like on some sexy kicks:

Well there you go, I'll be back with another post soon, I'm feintly aware that no-one is reading this. But regular updates are the only way I'm likely to build momentum on this thing, if 2012 goes well I'll get a proper, or even (gasp!) .com address.

Since I'm making asides to myself right now, don't forget the following:
  • The milk's about to go off, buy more.
  • 2000ad is back again on Wednesday, don't forget it.
  • Give Mum and Dad a call, actually, go and visit them.