Custom Trainers?

Indeed. Right now I'm just working on converse style shoes, i.e. the canvas based 'classic' design. I will take your design, suggestions for a design or work something up from scratch. Pending your approval, I will then paint this onto the shoes for you.

Just Converse?

Heavens no! In fact, so far I've worked mainly on generic brand shoes, as this does work out somewhat cheaper.

What are your methods?

My first blog entry covers this fairly extensively (click here to read it). The short version is that I paint a base coat of acrylic paint directly onto the shoe, I then add more layers for colour and the ink with fine liners and permanent markers. The design is sealed twice with clear varnish, this prtets the design from chipping and wear, whilst adding flexibility.

Admittedly, the designs aren't as robust as ones that have been printed on in a factory, but can still take a lot of abuse. I suggest treating them with care. I will post a guide to maintaining custom painted shoes soon.

How much is this going to cost me?

Fair enough, I like your style. normally I will charge the cost of the shoe plus £30-£40 for the paint job based on it's complexity. However,  this may cost less if the design is relatively small / simplistic. However, I'm afraid the reverse is also true.

I'm happy to negotiate based on the complexity of the individual design, sort of like a tattoo, but without the disapproval of your parents.

As you may or may not know, Converse are usually around £40, however, generic ones can be as little as £6. Most of the shoes I've painted so far have been Lee Cooper which tend to come in at around 13 quid and are very nicely made.

Can I see some examples?

'course. Check out The Gallery.

Are you on Facebook?

Yep. So's my Dad these days, so I have to use less swear words in my status updates. Show some love, go and like my page.

I want some!

No problem, see my online shop, send me an email or go like my facebook page and contact me that way.

If you want something specific, send me a picture and I can work up a design for you based on your images. 

Alternatively, if you have a vague idea of what you want and would like me to work up a design for you, let me know and I'll see what I can do. This part is free and I won't expect any money until I start work, if you are purchasing the shoes and passing them onto me, I will take those as collateral. If you would like me to purchase the shoes on your behalf, I will take the cost of them as a deposit and collect the rest once the work is done.